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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Boosting traffic to your Blog - 5 Methods

Now your blog is all set up, you have written a few articles and are awaiting the onslaught of visitors. Below are 5 methods I have found to help send traffic to your blog.

BlogExplosion and Blogmad
BlogExplosions are sites where you can earn credits by reading other members blogs, then you can spend these credits on advertising your blog.
Links to other Blogs
Find like minded blogsites and see if you can swap links. The more links out there to your site the more popular it will become. Sites like Technorati give you a higher ranking.
Claim your blog on the technorati website
Post everyday
Every single day if you can, try and write at least one article, this keeps the content of the site fresh and the blog spiders out there seem to like it.

Click and Comment Monday
Every Monday visit 5 blogs and leave comments, hopefully they will do the same for you!!

These are 5 methods that I have found to help in the search for traffic, I hope they help with your site to!


Psychic WannaBe said...


Interesting blog, and thanks for your sharing!

Jeff said...

Some good tips there.

I will have to begin leaving more comments. That should help.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Another traffic exchange for blogs only is between them and Blogmad i get enough hits.