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Friday, October 27, 2006

Day 14 eXlinks... what is it and will it work?

I noticed a post about eXlinks on the Mike's Money Making Mission website and have signed up. This is what I have found out about it... ( I got this info from Sarahintampa )

eXlinks is a social link network. The basis of how it all fits together will become clear when we go Beta, but essentially we are going to go out and build small networks of friends, referrals, bloggers, website owners and basically anyone with an online interest who wants any of the following

i) Readers
ii) visitors
iii) Traffic
iv) better search engine ranking

It certainly sounds good, however who really knows what will happen with this kind of site?

You can also see some "leaked" screenshots at , certainly looks way cool.

Other than that still working on promoting the site, and are also keen to hear more great money making ideas!

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