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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day 16 and we look at forming multiple income streams

Although primarily a "google shop" with google adsense running on all my 4 websites, I made the decision yesterday to change one of the sites to Adbrite. (Please note the below logo is an affiliate link.)

The site that I chose has been performing quite poorly, so I am only losing a couple of bucks a month from removing the Google adverts. The site in question is , I joined up Adbrite, and within 15 minutes or so I had set up a couple of zones on my site, created the javascript and had it live on line. The only complaint I would have is that when you set up a new zone even if you just set one up you need to reenter all the details of your site. (Maybe there could be a copy function that just copied what you had previously entered)

There is an option to display both google and adbrite adverts together however I chose not to take this option as I was not sure google would be to keen on this. Basically I removed all google adverts and replaced them.

It will be interesting to see how adbrite performs on this low traffic site, after one month I will post the results of this little diversification experiment.

Speaking of experiments, the million dollar experiment is still business as usual. we have now made nearly $5 NZ and this has been totally generated from this blog. My sports betting trials will be operation within the next week, and hopefully this will add a few bucks to the results.

I have had no word from Ciao surveys, so not holding my breath there, also I am giving the blog explosions a rest as do not believe that it is a great way to gain readers to the site. Feel a little uncomfortable about forcing people to view the site, would rather they came to it from a search or something along those lines.

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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CyberCelt said...

Happy Click and Comment Monday. I will have to come back and read AdBrite results.

I will be hosting the Blogging Chicks on CoolAdzine on November 12. The theme will be inexpensive gift giving ideas or real time saving tips. If we share, we will all be blessed and relaxed this holiday.

All sounds good to me. I took Google off my blogs and started writing PayPerPosts. I average about $100 USD per month and I split the posts between three blogs.

Let me know how AdBrite works. I signed up and tried them for awhile on my website, can't remember why I stopped.