Day 17 - Technorati ranking and Halloween ~ Make Money Fast - The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Monday, October 30, 2006

Day 17 - Technorati ranking and Halloween

Happy Halloween! had a great time tonight, taking my Daughter around to a few houses. Unfortunately she didn't have a great understanding of it all because when I asked her to go and knock on one of the doors up the road she said "No daddy, I want to go trick or treating instead" however the promises of chocolate and lollipops soon convinced her that it was a good idea!

My Technorati Rank has slipped a little, although I still have the same number of links, I can only assume that other blogs have pushed their way ahead of me. So please if you are looking to climb the ladder yourself, and would like to help me do the same, lets swap links. Just place a link to my site on yours and leave me a comment saying you have done so. I will then reciprocate.

All is quiet on the income stakes last few days so the money earned in the million dollar experiment down under is unchanged. I joined another website called however are not really to convinced that I will hear anything from them. This is what they have to say for themselves..

For over five years ClickNwork has delivered top-class business services using teams of home-based professionals, and now the home-sourcing trend is taking off, and could be set to replace outsourcing and offshoring as the preferred approach for enterprises looking to deliver quality work at lower cost.
This is not a job-listing site, but a new way of bringing together skilled people wishing to work and high-value work that can be completed from home....

I would be interested to hear from anyone that has done any work for ClickNWork in the past, and can tell us of their experience.

One of the problems when living in NZ is you tend to fall a little bit under the radar when it comes to large companys trying to lure the American or European Consumer.

Enjoy Halloween and try not to eat to much chocolate!

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