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Friday, October 20, 2006

One in a Million - Can you be that One?

In some ways the One Million Dollar Experiment Down Under has changed the very way I think. I am totally convinced that it can be done and these are the main ten reasons. If these or similar apply to your mindset and skills then you to are well on your way to that Magic Number.

1/ Total willpower and steadfast refusal to give in no matter what

For most of us it is within our power to do this, but 95 percent of people quit after a short time with little or no results. I will absolutely refuse to give in and will continue incessantly in the pursuit of the holy grail that is One Million Dollars. You need to have this never say die attitude to achieve your goals.

2/ No time limit, it may take a few years.

I fully expect and understand that this may take a fair amount of time, there is no time limit however on this experiment, so that's OK. No pressure.

3/ Versatility, willing to adapt and change.

I know that some things will not work, other things will work but for only a certain amount of time. Prepare to change your thinking and know that this is a necessary trait in the pursuit of the end goal. For example this Blog may or may not attract readers. If after several months of effort nothing is happening on it, then I may need to try a different subject or tact.

4/ Technical Skills

It helps to have an understanding of programming languages, domain names, websites and databases when attempting to make money online. Fortunately for me with a background in IT I have many of these skills.This means that I can easily and cheaply set up a new website, or change existing sites, without the cost of paying for someone to do it.

5/ Dedicated time

It takes time to do this kind of thing, you need to have an understanding family to find the time, and also a spouse that can see the end result being worth the effort that needs to be put into it initially.

6/ Research Skills
It is important to research other sites and people that have or are achieving the same sort of goals, find out their secrets to success and try and avoid any pitfalls that they may have encountered along the way. The person I admire and has helped to shape my dreams is Steve Pavlina, a true pioneer in personal development and an inspiration to others with the way he has engineered his website and his life. I really recommend a read through some of the articles that he has available if you are looking to make a living online.

7/ Prepared to Work for little or no return
If you do attempt something like this be prepared to invest many, many hours for what can be minimal or no return. This is what normally puts people off, however you need to think long term. Invest the time now and hopefully you can reap the rewards further down the track.

8/ Frequent Postings or Website updates.
Search engines love updated information. Try and update your website or blog as much as possible, this means better search engine results, meaning more visitors. More visitors is normally directly related to increased revenue. Most of my sites get updated on what is normally a daily basis.

9/ Plenty of other people have done it.
We are not the first trying to make money fast online, it is done on a regular basis by alot of people, so as long as you follow a plan and keep at it, you really should be able to do it.

10/ An Audience of Billions
The world is a smaller place thanks to the fantastic growth of the Internet. You can reach Billions of people with your words and your ideas. Try to harness some of this and you will be truly successful!

Please share any great ideas or links to informational sites that are inline with this article and blogsite.


MissM25 said...

Hi Rob, reciprocal link up and running. Thanks for the add. Good luck in your endeavors.