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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

40 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

This is a summary of the last 40 days which is the time this Blog has been running. I am hoping to provide value to anyone else looking to make money online as hopefully reading through my site and the Like Minded Blogs that I link to combined supply a wealth of information for anyone wanting or thinking about making Money Online.

I will start with the biggest earner to date and move my way down.

Number 1 Money4Blogs
These guys are amazing, what a great way to get started making money for blogging, you simply go to their site and send them an email, they will check your site out and if ok make you an offer for a simple text link on your site. Remember however this is a one off, and not going to be a passive income as such.

Money Earned to date $NZ 29-41

Number 2 Paid Blogging Blogsvertise and Blogitive
So far I have completed 2 posts, one for each site, certainly an interesting way to learn about a new product and earn money at the same time. Not a passive income, however can be counted on for a few bucks every week.

Money Earned to date $NZ 14-71

Number 3 Google Adsense
The faithful google adsense, is a passive income, as nothing really needs to be done, just set up the ads on your site and reel in the bucks.

Money Earned to date $NZ 7-13

Number 4 Mylot
Mylot is certainly an interesting idea, basically it involves posting to discussions and creating your own discussions online. I am unsure exactly how profitable it could be however. For me it is going to be a mission in itself to make 10 dollars which is the minimum payout. The key is to get a lot of referrals going, then you will get 25% of the income earned by the people you refer to the site. So far I have one referral signed up, if that was you thanks and go and get posting!

Money Earned to date $NZ -94

Number 5 Sportsbetting
I have never been much of a gambler and my lack of experience is starting to show, I thought by betting on super low odds, that a small profit could be made, but have so far been disappointed. I have made six 5 dollar bets to date, and two of them lost against all odds. Not for the faint hearted however it has been fun anyway, once I have lost a total of ten nz dollars this will be dropped from our portfolio once and for all.

Money Earned to date $NZ -6-60

All up in 40 days we have made a total of $45-59 NZ dollars, and I am happy with that as a start, I am pleasantly surprised at the number of money making opportunities there are out there and I am still only scratching the surface. We have just started with commission junction and will be reporting on this in the weeks to come.

I would not like to count the hours I have spent making this 45 dollars, and prefer to think of it as leisure time spent earning money.

Be sure to check back regularly and let me know via a comment if you have any good ideas that would be worth trying.

Take it easy and good luck with your endeavours, if you would like me to link to your site, please place a link to mine and let me know via a comment.

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LFC fan! said...

Hi rob,
I came to know about money4blogs from u. Thanks for suggesting it.

rob stgeorge said...

Hey anytime, its all about sharing the things that work, and warning against the things that dont!