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Monday, November 20, 2006

We look at another way to Make Money Online

If you have ever thought about making money from your Blog Posts it is worth considering Blogitive. They offer a simple format in the quest to make money online and it works like this.

Firstly you register on their site and you need to submit your blog. It takes a day or 2 to get approval and it is likely that someone actually checks your blog to make sure it is suitable for the program.

Their site is very simple to use, once you have been approved you can login and check the "Open Offers" which are basically paid blog posts that you can choose from. Once you have accepted an offer you then need to get writing about it and submit it. Once they have approved you will be paid via paypal for your troubles.

So far I am very impressed, I will keep you posted as I continue to use the site. If you decide to join up please keep me posted on how you are getting on. Although some people may be upset to think that you are being paid to write about companies and products remember that their is no rule that says you need to say a company is great when it is not.

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