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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 19 - Article Marketing - Another way to build Website Traffic

Writing articles is a great way to help create traffic to your website. In the past with the JobHunters sites I have submitted articles to Ezine Articles.

They don't pay anything to you for the article, however they do allow you to include quite a bit of self promotion down the bottom of the piece that you submit to them. (It is best not to try and abuse the actual article content, tempting as it may be to fill it full of links to your site, they will simply not allow it to be published.)

I just looked at one of my articles that I published a couple of months ago and 63 people have read it. Each of those readers would have been interested in the topic I was writing about, and they would have seen the links to my sites at the bottom.

If you are interested in reading the articles I wrote a couple of months ago you can view them here.

The articles are checked by humans, and it takes a few days for them to be approved. They have some fairly reasonable standards that must be adhered to, or your article may be rejected until you fix it up.

They also provide logos once you have been approved, that you can display alongside any articles that were published by them.

Certainly a great idea if you are looking to build long term traffic, and quality links to your website.

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