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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 26 - Are frequent Quality Posts better than Daily Posts?

A decision has been made over the last few days, to stop trying to post every single day, and combine a few days events and ideas into a less regular post of more substance.

Have you ever noticed, that a large article, that sits for three or four days, without other articles being continually plonked on top of it seems to develop better feedback from visitors to your site?

Million Dollar Project Update - The Sports Betting Project gets another whirl this weekend, and I am looking for tips from anyone that knows of any "Sure Thing" match ups happening. (Please don't mention the Kiwi Rugby league team or the All Blacks, as much as I support these teams I cannot bet on them, as that is my number 1 rule)

Visitors to this blog, have been providing a few new income ideas, like payperpost and a site that pays for your articles Associated Content however I have been unable to join either at this stage. (Payperpost require a blog at least 90 days old and associated content require you to be a legal US citizen).

Thanks for the ideas Cybercelt and Elizabeth , please keep them coming!

Blog Carnivals, I have always heard they are a good way of advertising your blog, so have joined up on one Martin has instigated, you can read about it on his blog it sounds like a great idea, and its all about submitting money making articles which suits the topic of this blog. If you are interested in submitting an article yourself you can check it out here , thanks Martin for another great idea.

Look forward to hearing any sports tips for the weekend, or any more money making ideas that can be investigated as the Million Dollar Experiment continues...

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