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Friday, November 10, 2006

Day 27 - Place your Bets, Hang on Tight, its Sports Betting Time!

You may remember last week we had a short sharp welcoming experience to the world of "Sports Betting" (If you missed it you can read it here.)

To cut a long story short we placed a bet against the NZ Knights soccer team, expecting them to lose (like they had for the previous 7 weeks in a row.) however... they of course proceeded to win. Although I hope the Knights win many more times in the future, they can no longer count on any assistance from me. (Sorry guys your on your own!)

Sports Betting is like anything, you try, you make mistakes and if you are smart you learn from your mistakes and only make them once. For us the lessons we learnt were...

1/ Don't bet on soccer, because of the nature of the game, it is easy for it to result in a draw, or a win to the unfavoured team. (As of course happened )
2/ Home advantage - if a team often loses, the time they win will more often than not be in front of a home ground.

With these new found lessons behind us and another week of sport approaching two new bets have been placed. This time we have gone with Tennis and American Basketball.

The tennis bet is...

K Clijsters vs E Dementieva - $5-00 head to head bet on
Clijsters paying $1-08
Following on from our successful betting on NBA Basketball last week we have decided to give it another shot.

The NBA Basketball bet is...

Houston Rockets vs New York Knicks - $5-00 head to head bet on Houston
paying $1-10

We have been extremely conservative this week, making the kind of bets that even a parent would be proud of, in the face of the facts that we must win continually to make this work. Although the returns may be small the chances of winning are high.

This post will be updated with the results as soon as they are available. Please wish us luck!

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Yan Sniim said...

Hey Rob Ive linked to you. Thnx for the list of countries but Mauritius isnt in it! :(

Guess I have to find another way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yan, I have also placed a link to your site on mine!