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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 34 Some new ideas start to evolve

We are now into the second month of the Million Dollar Experiment and the action is starting to heat up. This month along with the Sports Betting and Google Adsense that we are already making money from we are about to kick off with a couple of new ventures.

One is called mylot I noticed this over on Mikes Money Making Mission , basically it is like an online community where you join discussions, make comments on other discussions and supposedly make money. From what I was reading in one of the discussions on the site, you need to be in a fairly poor country that really values US Dollars to make a living out of it. (e.g probably $3 - $5 US a day. But I am happy to make a few comments and see if I can earn a few bucks towards the experiment.

So far I have replied to 2 discussions but don't seem to have earned a cent, if you have used mylot and have any suggestions as to the best ways to make some bucks out of it please let me know!

Also as I joined up via Mikes referral, hopefully he will make money when I do... passive income at its best! Apparently if you refer someone you make 25 % of what they earn.

Here is what someone has posted to assist you to make up to $3-00 a day.... (hey there is no such thing as money for nothing...!!)

Follow these tips and you can earn approximately $3 a day which is what this chick is averaging

1. Respond in posts not comments.
2. Comment back to ALL responses to your discussions.
3. Tag all your responses with AS many words as possible
4. Answer a wide variety of topics.
5. Answer questions with no response (see brain busters)
6. Apply plus ratings to everyone
7. When you reply in posts write a minimum of 4 lines and don't babble, make quality replies.
8. Keep discussions going.
9. Make friends that can help you out.
10. Aim for over 50 posts per day to different discussions to make and maintain at least 10 new topics per day- obviously they wont all take off but that's why you need to post sooo many.

I don't know if I can be bothered, the hourly rate looks to be a little low for my liking, however I will try and make a minimum payment and see how much effort is involved.

If you feel like going and making some money, and making me some at the same time please go and sign up here.

The other one is similar to pay per post, however I am still in the process of checking out the exact process, so will post further information on this one later in the week.

Take it easy.

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Mike said...

Thanks for joining myLot. I made $1.10 on my first day but it's hard going. I made 60+ comments and set up several new discussions. The money is only updated every 24 hours.

One good thing though is that today I've had 5 referrals to my blog from myLot. I've got my blog on my profile and I've managed to enter it into a couple of discussions where relevant. There is a 'buisness' section if you can find it!

It's worth a try.


rob stgeorge said...

Good work, I made about 4 posts and didnt earn a cent, but maybe I will give it another shot, it seems like it takes a lot of time for little return though!

Mike said...

I'm up to $1.94 today - but I spent quite a lot of time yesterday doing posts on other peoples' discussions. These seem to work out -if routine - at 1c each!

The tips your printed say it all. It appears quite time consuming to get a decent amount.

The good thing though is that I've had 10 visits from myLot. These are from posts where I've left my blog address.


rob stgeorge said...

Thanks for the update Mike, I am still trying to convince myself to keep going until I earn at least 10 dollars. 1000 posts!