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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 35 - Blogvertise, links, Beer Tasting and More ideas

The last week has certainly been the most productive that I have had to date, with over $25 US dollars earned. Some of this will be repeat, however some of it is one off payments.

We have had our first project from Blogsvertise and these guys appear to deliver as promised.

I belong to a survey site in NZ called smilecity and they sent me an invitation to a beer tasting project in a couple of weeks, normally I probably wouldn't bother but in the interests of the Million Dollar Experiment and a quick 20 bucks I have decided to give it a shot. ( the perfect job... getting paid to drink beer!)

This weekend we look at some new ideas that have been put forward by some of our readers. have a site where everything is digital downloads. If you have some software of your own you can sell it there, too.

Commission Junction lets you get a cut as an affiliate

I have not tried these avenues yet, but will look to investigate over the coming week. Please let me know if you have had any experience with them.

Sports Betting this week we have picked the Kangaroos to beat Great Britain in the league. $5 head to head and we will be looking for a profit of 60 cents. (I know GB won last time, however they will not catch the Aussies napping twice in a row)

Our second bet this week was American Football Philadelphia v Tennessee, we have bet $5 on Philadelphia to bring it home and will be looking at at 40 Cent profit on this game.

We continue to persevere on the mylot website and have so far earned 6 cents! A pittance I know however this is probably the only site I have found to date where you can just go and earn money whenever you feel like it.

Keep it real, believe in yourself and lets keep the money rolling!

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Mike said...

Hi Rob!
First thanks - for earning me 4c on myLot!! I'm up to $2.76 now but have had 14 referrals from their site to my blog.

Second: You mention Commission Junction. I'm impressed with them. I had already joined and today I looked at my account and have made UK£48 which I think is about US$86. There are some great things to promote. This could be a winner with the right number of visitors.

One downer though yesterday, after the days before success, I only made 7c on AdSense!

Hope all goes well for you.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks for that, I will have to check out Com Junction. Adsense have been very slow for me lately, however it is good in a way because it makes me look at other alternatives, which often actually end up paying a lot more!

LFC fan! said...

I already have registered in adsense for my other blogs. But still I will try to register again for this blog using ur link. Please suggest me if there r other such networks as well.

Rob StGeorge said...

Adbrite is another advertising site that you can try, however from what I have seen, google appears to be much better.