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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sometimes the best blog earners slip under the radar

When I began this blog I guess I assumed that Google AdSense would be the biggest earner for me. I probably would not have predicted that a few weeks down the track they would not even be in the top two. You can read my 40 Day Summary Here

This is nothing against AdSense as I am sure in six months time for example things will have changed. It is just a fact that the amount you earn from Google AdSense is directly related to the true traffic of your website and a Blog that has just started out is not going to do as well as a more established Blog.

With my exponential growth graphs and different sums and figures that I have done, to date I am well on track to retiring once and for all in less than 33 months. This may seem a little ambitious when you see that I have only earned a little over $50 in the last 40 days however it is like a snowball gathering momentum. For instance in the first couple of weeks I was lucky to earn 2 or 3 dollars.

As long as the momentum keeps flowing before long a very reasonable amount of money will be starting to materialize, and remember this is all above and beyond any of my previous money earning methods.

Traffic has been starting to rise in a slow yet consistent manner, as you can see from the graph below. You will notice the peak at the beginning, however that should be disregarded as I was using blog explosions there for a couple of days until I realized they were not worth the effort.

Many Blogs are created every single day, however only a small percentage are updated regularly and survive long term. Given the right attitude and refusal to give in an income should be possible from such a blog as long as the content is of value to the readers that are interested in the subject of your blog.

From my Blog I am hoping that visitors can gain some insight into ways of making money that have been proven through my own sweat and tears to not only work but work well and consistently. I can recommend joining the Million Dollar Experiment as a great motivator if you need something to aim for, and a fresh way at looking at money making.

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Unknown said...

correctly said rob. Income in adsense will defenitely grow once the traffic gets higher. I will also join million dollar experiment...

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Thanks for that, I hope you enjoy the million dollar experiment!!

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