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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

80 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Doesn't 10 days pass quickly? It seems like only yesterday I was crunching numbers and writing the 70 day summary however we are now at the 80 mark.

For me it has been a fantastic month overall (December). As you may know I have a few other websites not directly related to the Million Dollar Experiment, anyway over all my sites this month the AdSense total was 49.70 US. This may not sound like much however it is continually increasing and is pretty much a passive income.

Here is the breakdown of the Million Dollar Experiment specifically

(NZ $)
GoogleAdsense Total $14.82
Money4Blogs Total $29.41
Blogsvertise Total $22.06
Blogitive Total $102.94
MYLOT Total $6.63
SportsGambling Total -$10.10
Beer tasting Total $30.00

Grand Total US$ 133.12 or NZ$ 195.76
Increase over the last summary (70 Day Summary) in NZ Dollars: $40.43

This is starting to get almost lucrative when you consider that this is additional money over any of the other pre existing sources that contribute to the household income. A lot of this is due to sponsored posts, and can not really be considered as passive income, however I am more than happy to take the money for them!

One use for this additional income is to try and finance new projects out of the funds that are starting to be produced in the hope that new income streams can be created. (In other words don't tell the wife!)

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Harshal Vakil said...

how did u earn $29.41 from money4blogs

i thought they paid only in round figures

and plz explain first they paid $20
then y did they pay additional $9.41

i m really intrested, plz tell me

rob stgeorge said...

Sure an easy explanation.

$20 US = 29.41 NZ Dollars


Harshal Vakil said...

ok, i didnt see that u posted all money in NZ dollars

rob stgeorge said...

No worries, it gets a bit confusing when two currencies are in the mix, however it is one million nz dollars I am aiming for!

LFC fan! said...

cool...heading on right direction...


Dosh Dosh said...

Keep up the good work!

I'm the webmaster for Dosh Dosh (a blog on your blogroll) and I would let you know that I've recently moved my blog to a new URL.

The new location is at http://www.doshdosh.com and I would very much appreciate it if you could make the change in your blogroll.

Your link is live at the new location as well. =)


Jason said...

You might also take a look at HubPages to increase your AdSense earnings. You create web articles on anything you like, and earn 60% of the Google AdSense, eBay and Amazon ad revenue & commission. Some of the best writers are already earning around US$100 (AdSense) per month on what they’ve already written:


Good luck!

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Jason, I will have a look at that site, and will give it a shot.