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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shoe me the Money!

When someone at mybloglog adds you as a contact, you receive an email stating that this has happened. This happened to me today (as it does occasionally) and someone called shoemoney had added me as a contact. As per normal I wandered along found shoemoneys blog and had a look.

I found 2 amazing photos that made me want to read more and more about this guy, and some great articles.

Photo of shoemoney holding a cheque from Google for over $132,000 dollars here.

Photo of him with Paris Hilton here.

After seeing these I was beginning to think, who is this dude and I wanted to find out more, so read his Bio, which didn't give away to much, then I found an interview on this blog here, which gives away a little bit more...this is a quote from that blog.

Shoemoney: I own several large community/forum websites that I wish to not name. I just have never been much into self promotion =P. Combined subscriptions alone we have almost 95,000 members paying 19.95 every 6 months or roughly 4.5 million a year. That is the single biggest revenue stream that I have and it is reoccurring.

Anyway I recommend that you check out his site, obviously this guy is a legend, and there are articles on his site, that I need to do a lot more research into (e.g the 10,000 experiment with PPC ), he appears to be a very sharp cookie!

If just a little of what hes got, could rub off on the rest of us, we will all be reaching our goals a lot sooner than expected.

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