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Friday, January 05, 2007

A New Focus Moving Forwards for our Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

I have been doing a lot of research, thinking and reflecting over the last few holiday weeks and have made a decision which I believe will be crucial to the continuing and long term success of our websites, and our Experiment.

Unfortunately this may involve taking a bit of an income hit for a couple of months, I will explain more...

The Plan

Concentrate 90% of efforts on building traffic, improving our existing websites and increasing passive income. (e.g Google AdSense, affiliate programs, paid advertising etc) - this was previously about 50 %

The effects that this change of focus will have will be noticeable both short and long term. At the moment I spend quite a bit of time and effort on sponsored posts, this has proved quite lucrative in the last month or so however it is time that is not being spent on creating recurring income.

I have achieved well over the exponential growth targets that I have created, however it will become very hard work to continue to do this as the targets continue to increase. I need to be achieving the targets via passive income means, and keep improving my systems rather than earning money via one off sponsored posts.

If I need a couple of sponsored posts to ensure I reach my targets I will of course do them, however I am aiming for 90% of the income to be passive and recurring.

New Project - Curry Focus

The project that myself and a colleague have been working for the last couple of months has gone live, we need to spend a lot more time tweaking it as well as adding more and more content to the database. However it is now out there and operating.

The website is called Curry Focus and is all about delicious curry recipes and curry restaurants around the world.

The site will earn income from a small amount of advertising placed on it. It will not be ruined by excessive advertising as primarily it is about creating a site that creates value for the visitors via free recipes and information.

If you have any quality Curry Restaurants in your neighbourhood, please add their details to our database so that this can be shared with the visitors to our site. We accept restaurants from 182 countries around the globe.

This Blog

I will continue to try new things and write about them on this blog, also we will be looking at a lot more SEO and traffic building techniques over the coming months. You will not see to much more about non passive income earners, however we may need to dabble in a few to keep things ticking along.

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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