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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Google Page Rank has come through!

I'm sure yesterday I didnt have a page rank at all, yet today I appear to have a pagerank of 4 on my main URL. (A couple of my other pages already had page ranks). Well I am pretty happy about that, the blog has only been going for 3 1/2 months. Check your home pages and let me know how you are getting on. You can check all the data centers here.

I checked another couple of blogs out of interest...

Mike's Money Making Mission - Mike comes in with a whopping 5/10 !
My Quest to Make Money from the Internet - Martin a cool 4/10 - nice
Can I Make Big Money Online - George has a 5/10 however he already had a pretty decent rank I think.

That kind of crept up on me, a couple of weeks ago everyone was talking about it happening, yet nothing on this site then whammo, out of the blue there it is. I have done a quick search around the blogosphere and there does not seem much mention about it.

Maybe half the world is still asleep!

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PoEt said...

your interview is posted on :) hope you like it

rob stgeorge said...

Great - It was enjoyable doing the interview. thanks!

Tom said...

I've not heard any rumours but I've just checked digpagerank and some of the DCs are showing PR4 for Seems strange that it's taken so long, but it does look promising. Don't get too excited for a few more days until it settles down. If Mike gets PR5 for his site I'd be absolutely amazed - no offence to him but that is a mammoth jump to achieve in only a few months. Good luck all.

Tom said...

Another update - I've just run my YouTube Karaoke blog through an it also shows PR4 for the same DCs as yours - now I really would be surprised if it achieved that because it's only been up for 2 months. Keep an eye on things at

Anonymous said...

Happy to share. My 2 months old blog also show PR4

Congrats to all!

Mike Perry said...

Very interesting, though I don't normally bother to check PR and other statistics.

Must read your interview now, much more important!


rob stgeorge said...

Tom: Well heres hoping, it would be a bummer of it what some kind of cruel trick that Google was playing on us all! I tried the site but it was down, maybe they are overloaded with hopeful page rankers.

Rueben: Congrats mate, sounds like you too have achieved a quick and valuable pagerank.

Mike: Hope you enjoy reading the interview on

RandomEncounters said...

Congrats on the page rank! My game blog was hit by the pagerank monster turning up a rank of 3 I was pretty excited about, but my main blog has yet to come through for me. That's ok, hopefully next round!

Victor said...

Same here...just updated recently to PR4 at

Stop by, write an article about your city and promote your blog/business/service in the tagline!

rob stgeorge said...

randomencounters: You never know it could still be happening, one never quite knows what google is up to.

Victor: thanks for dropping by man, I will check it out.

JCM said...

Ive got 4 on all my blog´s main pages since January (In december it was 0)

Although bizzarely enough, my highest rank is a 6 on a page where I posted a screen capture of silver surfer´s gonads from the Fantastic Four 2 trailer and somebody dugg it.

Go figure.. 80

Congrats mate

rob stgeorge said...

Hey JCM, good work on the page rank mate, I was having a look at your blogs, although 1 of the 3 was in another language, but the other 2 were great! (and both now PR4's )