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Friday, January 26, 2007

MyLot Continues to Surprise with Passive Income Potential

Lately I have not paid much attention to what has been happening with MyLot, however when I took a closer look at my earnings I realised that referral income is starting to tick along quite nicely.

There are 3 active referrals that have signed up via our referral link and one of them particularly is going fairly hard on a daily basis. This means that every day we are getting between 30 and 40 cents for doing absolutely nothing at all. (not even covering our site with advertising.)

Of course being an exponential kind of guy I then start thinking what if I had 10 times the referrals, or 100 times.... I am sure you get the picture. Maybe some people out there could be making serious coin out of MyLot.

There is a little website that I run, that caters to parents of small children, many of them would probably be stay at home parents. Thinking that this could be a win win website to refer to this audience I have posted a review of MyLot along with my referral link onto that site. It will be interesting to see how many (if any) end up signing up. It is good to try and reach a different audience sometimes and I can see MyLot being a great little earner for Stay at Home parents. The fact that it could help with our Million Dollar Experiment Down Under is an added bonus of course!

If you would like to sign up under my referral please visit and register on MyLot here

Meanwhile we are now beginning to settle into life as a PR4 ranked site... In the last day or two traffic has taken a big leap, however whether it is because of the new ranking, or the story about the ranking is yet to be seen!

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Miriel said...

Thank you so much for a great an informative blog!
I am starting up a similar blog myself.
Hope you will visit it. I am setting up a link to your blog from there.

Johnny Cash said...

You probably cannot make a living from myLot, but it is surely a fun way to earn extra money!

By the way, here is my post on myLot.

rob stgeorge said...

miriel: thanks for calling by, I have linked to your site as well, good luck with it and thanks for linking to me.

Johnny cash: Your right, its a fun way to earn a few bucks, however probably not quite an income replacement just yet!

Sloba said...

Hi ! Do you want to exchange the links? Answer me on , please.

Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Hi there Rob.. great content indeed. I was wondering if you'd mind exchanging links with my site about Making Money with Blogs as well.

Thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work.


rob stgeorge said...

sloba: Come back and see me when you have a few more posts on your site, then we can swap links, I want the readers of this site to find a reasonable amount of content when they click through to my like minded sites. I look forward to your return! Keep it going.

daryl: I have linked to your site thanks for linking to mine.

Daryl W.T. Lau said...

My pleasure... its always great to link to a great resource like yours.

All the best and thanks for the acceptance.


MsSnow4 said...

I love mylot its fantastic!! Ok here is my blog. Feel free to come by and leave a comment on it and leave your site url. Thanks