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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can't toss in the job yet!

The Z-list has morphed into a directory style list of Blogs called Z-list 2.0, along with descriptions! This is thanks to the Customers Rock! blog, Servant Of Chaos blog and the eSoup blog where it appears they took the time to visit every blog in the z-list and add comments about each one! Thanks heaps for the effort guys what a great idea.

The Z-list has been instrumental in giving this blog a rocket up the technorati ladder, we have cracked the top 25000, previously this blog was hanging around the 80,000 mark when the z-list first kicked into gear. Some people may say that this is an unfair ranking however we have tried to spend time visiting a lot of the blogs that have been kind enough to link through to us.

Tomorrow the 130 day summary will be released - due to a lack of recent results with some of the changes that were made advertising wise I have made the decision to remove the friendfinder adverts and amazon advertising from this particular Blog, as to put it bluntly they are performing very poorly.

I have calculated that if I happened to quit my job tomorrow, I should be able to earn an income of approximately 1100 NZ dollars a month online without to much problem. (this only works out at $22 US per day!). However unfortunately I need to earn at least 4 times this much to be able to survive and pay the bills!

At some stage later in the year I may try a one off week long "money making marathon" to see how much it is possible to earn in one week, with the income sources that are now available to me. That would be interesting however obviously very time consuming. A large part of this would have to be sponsored posts, and a lot of unsponsored posts would also need to be written to provide some real content.

It is obvious from the amount of issues raised on the previous post about Content scraping that this is becoming a major problem. One of the things that is concerning about this is that even if the scraper was reported to Google or any other entity that could help, how would they decide who the original publisher of the article or content was?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out, but you also needed to include Gavin Heaton (Servant of Chaos blog) and Sharon Sarmiento (eSoup blog). We all three worked on it together.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Becky, I have adjusted the article accordingly. cheers


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Credit where credit is due. :-)