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Sunday, February 11, 2007

120 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

The Story so far
120 Days ago we set out on a Money Making Experiment based on Steve Pavlinas Million Dollar Experiment. It has been a blast so far and although we are a long way from our goal I think good progress has been made.

Key Achievements of the Experiment to date
Earning the first Dollar
Making the top 100,000 on the Technorati Ladder
Achieving a Google Page Rank of 4 on the homepage after only 3 months
100 Posts within 100 Days
Making the top 50,000 on the Technorati Ladder

Other News
A couple of confirmations that companies do pay up - which is always nice to know. MyLot aff: came through - I have finally earned my first ten dollars after a few months. With MyLot half of that money was earned by myself actively participating in discussions, the other half was from referral income. LoudLaunch have also paid up - great.

A recent sign up with PayPerPost has resulted in a few higher priced sponsored posts, the first one has been approved so now this income will also start to show in the regular summaries on this site.

The Z-List has boosted us up the Technorati ladder, this has been a great example of viral marketing and shows what a bunch of unsung bloggers can achieve in a short amount of time. Just about every time I log in to Technorati now there are more links to my site showing up - thanks to all that have participated.

Now the Summary - 120 Days (NZ Currency)
Beer tasting $30.00
Blogitive $110.29
Blogsvertise $22.06
GoogleAdsense $36.40
LoudLaunch $7.35
Money4Blogs $29.41
MYLOT $16.21
SportsGambling -$10.10
PayPerPost $8.84

Grand Total US$ 170.31 or NZ$ 250.46

Increase over the last summary (110 Day Summary) in NZ Dollars: $16.19

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Mike Perry said...

A quick comment - your LoudLaunch link in your post isn't working.

Congrats on 120 days.

stratz said...

Hey keep up teh good work.

Can I add you to my friend link on my blog. I will also do a review of your site as well. Feel free to do the same or post a link back to mine.. or nonting if you want. lol either way I look forward to watching yoru progress.

good luck.


stratz said...

Also you should look into Algoco

here is my referal link for them

or check out my blog regarding them


Shirlene said...

What is "Beer Tasting" (not literally) - is this an online money making experiment?



rob stgeorge said...

Mike: Thanks mate, I will check that out and fix it up

Stratz: thanks - I will link to you for sure, thanks for mentioning my site on yours!

Shirlene: Smile City gave me the opportunity of a lifetime! it involved tasting beer at TNS in Penrose and they paid me $30 for the pleasure - I recommend it highly!

Shailendra Doke said...


I would like to exchange link with you
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I will link back to you.


rob stgeorge said...

Shailendra, I have left a comment on your site, thanks

Shailendra Doke said...

Hi Rob

Your blog is very nice!
Your blog link is blinking on my


Ben Cruikshank said...

Rob - Congrats on 120 days! I have a feeling that you're well on your way to you goal, as these things tend to grow exponentially.


Johnny Cash said...

Are you interest in link exchange?

Here is the URL to my blog:

rob stgeorge said...

Ben Thanks for calling by, I am off to check out your site now.

Johnny cash: great I have added your site to my like minded blogs.