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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Focusing on your Referrers - I'm gonna spread the word on every Post!

To often in the past I have not given enough credit to the great sites that I am fortunate enough to have linking to me. These sites pump through traffic to my Blog on a consistent basis.

What I have decided to do is that every post I will include as part of my template a link to the top 5 Sites judged from traffic sent to this Blog from the previous Month. The below sites are ones that I regularly visit myself and I hope that you find them as interesting and helpful as what I do.

If you are looking at a way of paying recognition to the sites that send you traffic, why don't you do the same, its no trouble at all to place the links into your template, and that way you can help the sites that have helped you... I'm going to try to assist with their Technorati and Google search Rankings by feeding them a bunch of links - they will get between 15 and 20 links from me per month.

Top Five Referrers For February - Great sites that are worth a visit!
Kumiko's Cash Quest
Mike's Money Making Mission
Stratz's Blog
If Ya Want to Make Money
How to earn money online?

Curry Focus for Free Delicious Recipes


Kumiko said...

You are a linker on a god-like scale! Thank you! I've bumped you up to near the top of my blogroll to keep those referrals coming in!!


Mike Perry said...

Thanks for the mention - all links gratefully received!

Trust all is going well for you.

Best wishes,

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Kumiko - you have sent me some serious traffic in the last couple of months thanks to rising popularity of your site. I appreciate it alot. I can't see many sites knocking you off the number 1 spot on my list for a while yet!

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Mike - its the least I can do. You have sent me a ton of traffic.

Shailendra Doke said...


I would like to exchange link with you
if you are intrested then link to me and leave a comment on my blog How to Make Money Online
I will link back to you.

rob stgeorge said...

Shailendra - Please come back and see me when you have at least 10 informative posts on your blog and then I will be happy to link to you. Good Luck!

Shirlene said...

Hi Rob - thanks for mentioning my blog. I like reading your posts, and am sure many other readers do as well. I would have commented earlier but have been having problems! This is a great idea by the way...


Mark from Bloglyne said...

FYI... Kumiko's new site is at