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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Blog Traffic Challenge - Lets get ready to Rumble!!!

On the 18th March I joined the Blog Traffic Challenge over at the Can I Make Big Money Online website. The plan is that you clearly state that you wish to double the traffic to your blog over the next 3 months and then set about achieving that goal.

Now George who instigated the challenge has managed to achieve it in 4 weeks, this is a fantastic result and should be an inspiration to the rest of the participants - who are listed on this Squidoo Page.

I decided for my own challenge that I would look at the total traffic for March, and then try and double this by June. Here is the graph of my visits in March. An average of 43.58 which isn't that great really considering the time this site has been going. (hence why I am doing this challenge!)

Below are the methods that I have been using...

Posting articles more regularly
The more articles that you post - theoretically this should convert to more numbers.

Visiting other sites more often, and leaving comments and participating in things going on.
I often say you have to give before you will receive, so following this formula I try to get around as many sites as I have time for, see whats going on and comment accordingly. Also its important to participate in challenges or memes, or whatever is going down at the time.

Doing more sponsored posts
Hah - you think I'm crazy, well not so, this blog is about making money remember, when you see this months results it will start to become apparent as to why doing more sponsored posts could help raise the traffic to this site. People want to know how much money can be made from a blog - and I plan to show them.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

can we exchange links?

Mike Perry said...

It's good to set targets! Good luck with the challenge.

I've favourited you on Technorati as per your previous post. My link is and my Tech name is moneyseeker.


Anonymous said...

Active Fanatic: heading over to your site now - will leave you a comment.

Mike: Thanks for that I have added you to my favourites as well.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the mention. One thing that I have written about before, and plan on writing about in my blog traffic series is to go through Robin Good's list of directories:

and submit your blog to them. It takes a while, but the extra links can help new blogs get some free link love, without too much work.

I look forward to seeing your results...

- George

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I have added your blog to my Blogroll

Anonymous said...

George - thanks for the link, I will head on over there and check it out.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Rob.

All the best,