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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Whats your Best Passive Income Earner?

I am getting to the point where all though I am making good money, and will probably make over $600 US dollars this month, unfortunately a lot of this is reliant on "Sponsored Posts" and there are a couple of problems with this.

1./ Sponsored Posts do not write themselves, you are trading your time for money, which is not a great thing to be doing.

2./ They are not always available, for instance this morning I woke up all eager to write a quick and rewarding sponsored post before breakfast and there just aren't any around (apart from the dreaded $5 posts)

Passive income is definitely the way to go. In my situation I set budgets for myself e.g this month every day I am attempting to "accumulate" $25 US and for the first 4 days I have done exactly this. However passive income comes and goes - maybe my AdSense will have a good day - or a text link will renew however it really is a little sporadic.

Slowly I am attempting to build this (passive) revenue stream up , $5 or $10 a month at a time if I can, however it is often hard to know what to concentrate on, or even find time when you are chasing your tail trying to reach daily targets.

My question to you is what is your BEST passive income earner and how much effort do you dedicate to building this?

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Anonymous said...

Adsense for sure, doubled it for last month. Revver and VuMe account for the rest, combined they bring me about $20 a month, after the initial promotion of the media, mainly for the Revver vids, I'd say it's passive, Just need to make more videos and take more photos. Every time I upload a video to revver and do the initial promotion of them, I see a sustained increase in what I earn from them, just wish I knew who was sharing my videos.

Hmm I think I need to find more passives.

Deleted said...

Hi Rob, My best passive has been AdBrite so far. I just wrote a post about it yesterday. Best of luck to you, $25/day is great!


stratz said...

I think my best passive earner is my RRSp's..lol.. well they used to be until I used them.. lol online I had 3 sales from my sunglass dropship site.

Anonymous said...

Awesome guys and gals, keep it coming , I already have a couple of new avenues to investigate. There must be more out there though?