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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Basic SEO Plan for a Website

Lately I have been approaching my sites with an SEO plan to try and improve their positioning for certain words. Anyway I thought other people out there may want to do something similar for their own sites and may not know where to start - so I have thrown together this simple SEO optimization template that you can follow.

Step 1 - Analyze your Organic Search Terms
Firstly you should have Google Analytics installed on your site and running for at least a week. Check out your top 5 to 10 keywords and see whats being sent organically to your site.

Step 2 - Check the popularity of key words and competition - decide
I would advise that you use keyword tools to find out what people are actually searching for. An ideal match for your site is keywords that are popular and you are maybe already getting a few searches from them which you can see coming through in Analytics. This means Google already thinks they are a good match for your site, its just a matter of making them an even better match.

Heres a list of keyword tools that I find useful - Keyword Tools

Step 3 - Title tags
Now that you know where you are going it is time to create the title tages, and make sure they reflect the keywords that you are trying to optimize for. Start at the left with the most powerful words and head to the right, try to have a maximum of 6 - 8 words.

Step 4 - Headings
It is believed that headings in the traditional < h1 > or < h2 > tags are the most optimal, consider placing your keywords in these tags on the page you are trying to optimize.

Step 5 - Content

Last but not least mention the words at least a couple of times in the main body content of the site. This should not be to hard to do because this is what your site is about right?

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Laura said...

Hi Rob,
This is an excellent article. I have been waiting for a more experienced blogger to explain how to optimize for seo in easy to understand terms, and here it is!
Thank you!

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Laura, I actually forgot to place a link to some useful keyword tools when I wrote the article - so have just added now.


Arafela Project said...

These are really basic things that is not hard to follow. I would only add that there are different ways to check your keywords and optimize for them. Also one of the most important things is optimizing _all_ pages of your site + intra-linking with right anchor text.

Here more things about blogs.
I think SEO is not for blogs.
I would pay more attention to SMO. Writing posts for people and not for search engines.

Some tips:
1. Write, write and write
2. Comment other bloggers and leave link to your blog (like i do here;-)
3. Blog design
4. Blog catalogs
5. Put links on blogs you like
6 Post interesting posts to social sites (there is a rule of post-once-copy-to-many)
7. write about other blogs/bloggers
8. Make RSS feed

and much much more

I've just started my own blog about everything connected to money making in internet and going to publish soon some more SEO and SMO posts as well as other ways to make money online.
Money Zone Online

MyGoodFinds said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm a newbie at SEO. I was just blogging for money only recently.

All I want is to be able to make money while being a mom to my daughter.