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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Melissa Wolf Experiment Continues

Despite me frantically checking ever day, our ranking on the Melissa Wolf experiment has remained unchanged at Number 20. Normally we appear right at the bottom of page 2 or at the very top of page 3.

You can read my original post - The Melissa Wolf Experiment

When conducting an important experiment like this it is important to remain very patient and just keep doing what you do. Having persistence is half the battle.

Google Analytics is a program I probably spend 15 - 20 mins in everyday, analyzing my sites, seeing which ones need a boost and tracking what is working well on others.

Its actually a direct result of studying my Celebrity Gossip sites keyword traffic that set me on the path of trying to improve the ranking for the keywords "Melissa Wolf". I pretty much figured that if I could make it to the front page for those words a pretty good boost in traffic would be the result.

With enough traffic, making money seems to just happen, and you don't have to chase it quite as hard. Tonnes of traffic is the holy grail of making money online and something I am chasing on a constant basis.

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