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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Make Money Fast with Bidvertiser

I have just been experimenting with Bidvertiser on a site I have set up for a colleague and I have to say its not looking to bad.

I will update again once we have driven some traffic to the site and let you know how it is converting, my only concern at the moment is the relevancy of the ads, however I am unsure whether that is because the site has just been set up or if perhaps they do not have many advertisers.

The concept is a little different than adsense, in the way that you choose a category that your site reflects, the ads will be targeted to the category you select rather than the actual content of your site.

Also you can just login and change the templates within the bidvertiser site and it will update to your website, meaning changes to the colours etc are very simple to make.

If you would like to see the adverts in action this is the myspace resource site that I have just placed them on.

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