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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have I been punished?

Well it looks like my site has dropped PR to 3 (it was a 4) , that is very disappointing however I guess we knew it could happen if we dared to ever sell links.

Do I really care? Well I care if it affects my income however I don't think any of my links were sold with PR in mind, it was more about the traffic they could generate being on more than 500 pages.

I just checked a live PR update checker and some DC's were showing 3 and some 4, so who knows.

Google are obviously trying to tell us all what we can put on our sites, and thats their choice to punish us, I guess as long as I haven't been slapped in the search results it doesn't really worry me to much.

Check your toolbars folks and also check this live pr checker.

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Sandra said...

One of my blogs went from PR3 to PR2 today. Probably because of the sponsored posts, but it's not going to stop me though. Google is not ruling my blog.

Tom said...

I wrote about this myself a few hours ago. Looks like widespread shafting by Google. The swines!

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Sandra and Tom.... its good to see I am not alone! Lots of people have been hit, even some very big names.