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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How the Million Dollar Experiment Has Changed My Life

Its just over a year since I came across the Million Dollar Experiment by chance on Steve Pavlina's website. I read a few more of his articles and realized that this guy was just making a fortune blogging about how to improve yourself.

Anyway I joined and created this site, wanting to do a similar thing and although I have only made a few thousand dollars the facts are that this has changed my life in so many ways and even given me the freedom to live wherever I want. (as long as there is a broadband connection!)

Here are some of the ways my life has changed since taking on this experiment, the good and the bad...

  • I now only work 3 days a week at my full time job

  • My career in the real world has come to a standstill, by my choice

  • I can now earn enough money online that although I haven't replaced a full time income yet I am well on my way, and have reduced my reliance on working a nine to 5 job.

  • I spend much more time with my kids

  • I enjoy what I do so much more and have become very highly motivated.

  • Somehow I am better of financially now than I ever have been in my life and I only work 3 days a week and my wife is also just doing a little work from home when she feels like it.

  • This blog ranks 2nd on Google after Steve Pavlina himself for the words "million dollar experiment"

  • Money now seems like monopoly money to me - strange but true. Its like a game and one that I am enjoying.
What did it take to achieve this - simple I just started doing it, and doing it and never giving up. You to can do this if you want.

I have reinvested a lot of the money I have made and now have probably more than 20 websites (including partnerships with a couple of colleagues). I spend my days building and enhancing these sites and working out the best ways to optimize the income from them.

If you are saying to yourself oh no, it's to hard or you don't have the skills or whatever thats BS, you are just making excuses, so if you want to make your life a better one, stop talking about it and feeling sorry for yourself, just get of your butt and start working at it. Maybe you will be writing about how your life has changed in 12 months from now.

Or you can just keep reading about other peoples success's and you can be doing exactly what you are now in 12 months time.

The choice is yours!

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Mike Perry said...

Well done! Yes, there is money to be made at blogging but, of course, there are dozens of reasons why we can't! Haven't the time, haven't the skills etc. etc.

It's like everything in life - we've just got to try and have a go. I don't undrestand those who moan about their lives but are unwilling to cange them.

Anyway, look forward to the day when you reach your million.


Amrit said...

I definitely agree with you. I´ve also started my own little experiment, my goal is to earn (only) 100 Dollars within the next 6 month for paying a one year webhosting plan (at least). I know it will be hard work, but if you have a goal and stay with it, you´ll (hopefully) achieve it. Currently I´m making only around 5-10 Dollars per month, but it keeps growing and I´m happy with this.


Anonymous said...

The Swiss_Mouse strives to improve his life in the same manner as you.

In years past, he has "dreamed" but never acted. Though a grey haired mouse now, and beaten down by running the wheel for the man, he is determined to make this internet pay off for him.

He draws inspiration from posts like this.