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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Traffic Increase - This Month

This month is going to be a record traffic month for the Make Money Fast - Million Dollar Experiment Down Under and that appears to be because of some kind of algorithm change during this month that literally doubled my traffic overnight!

What this means is more money, as the more traffic I get the more I earn from affiliate programs and advertising like AdSense.

I was wondering if maybe now that this site is over 1 year old Google has given it a little more loving, maybe they have something in their algorithm which notices that a site has been regularly updated for over 1 year, and then pushes that up the ladder a little, who really knows?

This week I am feeling what it is like to be a solo parent, looking after my little son (20 Months old) while his mother and sister are away in Perth. So far so good, however it is a lot of work being a "Mr Mum" and trying to keep things organized.

Luckily I had my $500 (almost) week the other week, as that kept me on top of things money wise.

Anyway I am interested to know if you have seen any noticeable traffic increases this month? Has Google done you any favors lately?

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Anonymous said...

The Swiss_Mouse has seen a traffic increase. Some from strange places.
One in particular is blogrush. The Swiss_Mouse expected ZERO traffic from there, but...strangely he gets a few hits a day from there.