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Friday, October 12, 2007

Summary - Day 5 of the Make Money Fast $500 Challenge

Well it is with a huge sigh of relief that finally the end is reached in what has been an eye opening and very interesting (although tiring) experiment in making money online.

I have been forced to realize that I am not quite at the point where I can make a full time living from this game, however I do think I can make half a living which is a whole lot more than when I started one year ago and made $36 in my first month. Now I can make that before lunchtime, and even more.

I have certainly had some challenges over the last few days, including the DP forums being down for most of today, as well as life and family things not always allowing me the time required to make the most of each day. But when you put things in perspective family and kids etc are so much more important that making money so it really doesn't matter does it.

I think the sheer amount of sponsored posts that I have been doing would soon kill a blog completely and I am very fortunate to have kept most of my subscribers over the last few days, to them I really apologize for all the unrelated reading you must have been sorting through your inboxes. Normally I try and do most of my sponsored posts on my wordpress blog where you can actually filter them from your feed, however on this blog I have not yet found a way to do this, if you know of one please let me know and myself and around 90 other people will be very grateful I am sure.

Anyway although it is tough to admit it, I have to now say that I did not quite reach my target of $500 in 5 days. I came pretty damn close though and here is the breakdown for today's efforts.

Payperpost $25.50
Payu2blog $10.00
Article writing (3 articles) $30.00
Contextual Advertising $3.94

Anyway the earnings for today comes to a total of $69.44 (day 5), unfortunately it was another under budget day however I still got a few solid hours in. Alas we didn't quite bring it home ending up with a grand total of $459.79

I have learnt alot over the last few days, and still feel a sense of achievement even though I didn't quite make it to the golden $500 mark. A lot of curve balls have headed my way this week and lets just say in a lot of ways it is a relief to be at the end of it. There is a lot of pressure when you are trying to reach targets that are perhaps just a little out of reach. I really need to build up a better passive base before trying this one again.

Thanks for sticking with us through the week.


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David said...

Well, 92% is a good mark in an exam, so I reckon you did pretty well!

simon said...

congrats on your effort, not quite the magic $500, but still pretty good.

stratz said...

Well you did a good job. I will say that if you include the money I earned over the same peroid for Gris tehn you met your Goal. I will tally up the $$$ for my 5 days and let you know how I did. I fell a little short too as the fish bailed on me on the last day which if came though would have put me over the top for sure.

Nice work though.

Swiss_Mouse said...

Well you have $500 more than the Swiss_Mouse, but he is wondering if more efforts shouldn't go into more "automatic" streams of income? Something that is less "work intense" and wears you down?

Ginene said...

Wow that is Fantastic!!!!!!!!! You aimed high and you did great. That is such an accomplishment.

shy guy said...

It is good to earn money online..
Keep up good work and you will reach your goal

Neil Duckett said...

A solid effort in getting so close to your goal, i`d still sayyou won the challenge.

Mark said...

Hi Rob, I just came over here from CashQuests. I was particularly interested in your ability to find things to write about at DP Forums.

I was wondering if you could help me out by explaining your method of finding such jobs. I surmise that you were referencing the Buy, Sell, Trade section, but wasn't entirely sure because there's so much to sift through.

Any advice you can provide would be most appreciated. And congratulations on having such a productive (and lucrative) five days. :)

rob stgeorge said...

Mark: thanks for calling by and you just gave me a great idea for an article explaining exactly what you are asking! You can read it here

Steve the Pirate said...

I just wanted to know how many different blogs did you actually do sponsored posts on, because you seem to have had alot of money coming from those posts, and if I recall quite a few of the sites have some strict posting policies.

philippines beach said...

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