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Monday, November 12, 2007

One of my sites got Hacked..Also we look at a Proxy Blast

Today I got home from work to find one of our sites had been hacked, more than once by the look of it.

Its one of our best sites - its a myspace layouts site the hackers had turned it into a front page basically saying we had been hacked.

I have changed all my passwords for the site and also checked all the directory permissions as you don't want folders where someone can externally upload files. That can really be the doorway hackers are looking for.

Hopefully the changes I have made will keep them out, otherwise I am really going to have to start learning a lot more about website security.

It took me a while to get the site going again, fortunately they didn't delete all the files, however they certainly made a mess.

I feel violated right now!!

You may remember we recently set up a proxy site as an experiment in making money online, so far it has not made much for us however the visitors are slowly increasing. Greg and I have a myspace site with over 1500 friends on it that we have been sending bulletins out to - also we have invested $7 with a guy on the DP forums who promises to send a "proxy blast" of traffic. It appears that he is a member on a lot of yahoo groups and the like, and will send out a newsletter of some sort which includes our proxy to thousands of people.

I will report more on these methods as we continue in our adventures to Make Money Fast online.

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