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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Effect Does A $7 Traffic Blast Have On Your Site

Feeling our way through cyberspace with our first Proxy Onemorepimp.com has been an interesting experience for Greg and myself and getting traffic to a new site is always challenging.

The current visitors to the site as you will see in the graph below show that things are really just ticking away at the moment with nothing worth writing about in the way of visitors.

Thats why we decided to take a look at what one of the members on DP was offering called a "Proxy traffic Blast" hoping that it would help to launch our proxy site into cyberspace!

I received a message this morning along the lines of "your blast has been sent" so anxiously waited until this evening to both catch up with Greg and check analytics on the site as well as our advertising mediums to see what kind of impact we had received.

Well day 1 of our proxy blast is reassuring, we have earned a couple of bucks and as you can see from the analytics below traffic is heading in the right direction, lets however hope this proxy blast is long and keeps going!

Over the next few days I will continue to demonstrate just how much this $7 traffic blast helps the site, and whether it was worth it or just another meaningless waste of money.

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Forest Parks said...

hmmm sounds interesting. I still have traffic problems on my main blog.

What is a proxy site?

rob stgeorge said...

for more info about my proxy check out This post