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Friday, November 16, 2007

Pagerank - ZERO

Well folks it appears I now have no pagerank whatsover, google has decided that although they continue to send lots of search engine traffic to this site, they want it to appear that it has no value whatsover.

I for one am confused... what have I done that is so bad except be open about what I am doing. It now appears that unless you hide your disclosures, you disguise your sponsored posts and you try to camouflage your text links you will be punished via a pagerank penalty. If on the other hand you...

  • Hide any sponsored posts as best you can...
  • Blend your sold text links into your content...
  • Don't disclose or mention anything like payperpost or similar networks...

Then you may get away with it and will come across as A1 fantastic site...

Google has lost the plot, whats going on guys you used to be a company I respected and looked up to. Now although I still earn money via your advertising network and of course appreciate the traffic that you send me I am really disappointed.

The facts are that now if you disclose and are open about what you are doing which means that you let your readers decide your worth you will be punished.

Google used to pride themselves on the line that you should write your content for people not search engines, well hasn't that changed, now they are saying you should base your content on what they as a search engine wants, and even go so far as changing your links especially for search engines... (nofollow)

Well maybe they have a master plan, however I am not that sure anymore... what do you think have google lost the plot?

Do we all now go cowering to google and tell them we have sinned, but finally seen the light and change our sites for search engines instead of the way they are for people?

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Unknown said...

It's happened to me too, plus a whole bunch of people on PayPerPost - see the PPP forums. It looks like they were targetting anyone who used PPP, PayU2Blog, and other orgs.

My sitemeter actually showed a visit from on Wednesday - and they were looking at a post I'd written about making money online, which mentioned doing sponsored posts. Punished for being open.

One of the PPP employees says his blog was set to zero, simply because he mentions PPP in it as part of his work journal. he never takes sponsored posts or links etc.

PPP say they are bringing forward the Argus/socialspark rating system to next week.

Plenty on the PPP forums if you want to read more.

Anonymous said...

Join the club. My AdSense4Dummies and YouTube Karaoke blogs, both strong PR4s previously, have both been hammered back to PR0. To say I'm pissed is an understatement.

Clip said...

Same things happened to my paranormal blog as well, I use tla on it along with pu2b.

I want to get rid of tla but I don't know when I'm allowed to take the code down, anyone else know?

I think I'm gonna have to go back to the old and much slower style of making money online, trying to get loads of traffic and to try this affiliate products game again.

Man google has made me depressed, made a good amount of easy money with SPs, then again I don't think I'm gonna rely on PR anymore, gonna trust in real stats like organic traffic.

Tough game this making money online thing.

Mike Perry said...

That is very odd. Mine has stayed at 3 (after being a 5).

The strange thing with yours is that if you check the PR on (which shows the history of a blog/websites PR) yours only has two entries for the history dated 10th Jan and 17th Nov - wonder what has happened to the rest.

My history has lots of dates: 17 Nov, 14 Nov, 6 Nov, 31 Oct, 24 Oct, 12 Oct, 19 Sep and so on right back to January.

No idea what's going on.