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Friday, March 21, 2008

Expect The Unexpected When Making Money Fast

Expect the unexpected when making money fast. That is what happened to PayPerPlay recently. If you read my last post I said that PayPerPay was no longer going to accept new Publisher's. Well were they wrong. As it turns out they actually need to double the amount of possible Plays for there Ads. They were expecting that 300 million plays per month was going to be enough boy were they wrong. They need to double it to meet what their advertisers are looking for. So what do they do? Open up and allow more publishers in.

If you are interested and would like to try them on your blog or web site please Click Here to sign up. Once Rob and I get more info on how it is going then we will be sure to let you know how we do with them. It is worth a try. Mike from Mike's Money Making Mission tried TheNewsRoom when they came out and now look how well he does with them. From his reports they pull in a nice bit of change monthly for him.

Sign up for the PayPerPlay today and see if they will work for you. Do not forget to add there code to your website. Many of us Sign up for things but never get round to putting the code on our site. Thus not earning any money from them. When you sign up to Make Money Fast with PPP do not forget to refer your friends. They pay 3 levels on referrals, another way to earn passive money.

Join today and be sure to let us know how it is working for you and we will post your results for everyone to see in a later post.

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Forest Parks said...

Do you use it on any of your blogs?

Have you made any money yet?

stratz said...

It is currently on our web forum
http://www.mmmtalk.com/forum and http://www.ourblogreview.com

I am waiting for it to be put on our arcade sites and myspace sites which get a lot more traffic. Rob has been busy so it has not been put on. We have started seeing ads being reported and some money being made.

It is still in beta so no every visitor is being played an ad.

Agent 001 said...

Hey How did you get the left siderbar for this web template? Tell me how to get it.Visit my blog http://greatestreviews.blogspot.com I use the same template but with one sidebar.

mick said...

Thanks for the MMMM link. Must say TheNewsroom has been great for me and the automatic plays don't seem to effect the number of visitors.

Best wishes,

John said...

Great site guys - I've added a link to you from my site.

I've been using thenewsroom for a while and Mikes right it doesn't affect traffic.

I would be concerned about using two of these autoplaying methods together.

But I'm certainly going to look at this as an alternative to voxant.


Sunita said...

Why you people making fool? Nothing works for me.
Leo F. Swiontek

SuperSkyRockets said...

I really think that PPP is going a bit too far with internet advertising, I don't know but I just don't see it working!