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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Can a Million Dollars be Earned from a Website?

Over the last month several online revenue streams have been evaluated as the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under has progressed. Whenever you are attempting to achieve something like the task that has been set, as things progress it is important to evaluate what has been working, what hasn't and change course accordingly.

The revenue streams that have been focused on to date are primarily..

  • Sports Betting
  • Google AdSense
  • Donations
  • Trademe (NZ's Version of Ebay)

The traffic building methods we have tried include

  • Blog Explosion type sites
  • Swapping Links with other Blogs
  • Technorati Tags
  • Article Writing
  • Commenting on other Blogs

Revenue Stream Analysis

Sports Betting - This did not get off to a great start, and I think that you need to be extremely careful if this type of revenue avenue is to be explored, do not spend to much time or money on it would be my advice to date. However maybe more careful research is required on my part.

Google AdSense - I continue to be impressed with the AdSense model, it has been a reliable source of income for this blog, and although a very minor amount of money is involved it has the potential to exponentially increase along with Blog traffic. I highly recommend Google AdSense as a revenue earning tool. If you want to sign up for AdSense, you can do via the image link to the right. (This link will send you to Google AdSense and list this site as the referrer. When you earn your first 100 $ I will also receive a payment)

Donations - To date I have earned nothing from the donations requested on this site. However that does not mean that they are not worthwhile, it would only take 1 decent donation and that could far outweigh Google Money.

Trademe - Unfortunately have not really had anything worthwhile to sell to date, this is definitely worth more focus going forwards, because it is a great way to make money.

Building Traffic

Blog Explosions - Although I was initially quite keen on the idea behind these, I have changed my mind somewhat. For one thing from what I can gather Google AdSense appears to frown upon them, and also most of the visitors that you would gain from such a program are often not really interested in the content of your site. Still probably worth listing your site with them however, a link is a link. I would however rather get my traffic the old fashioned way, through blood, sweat and tears!

Swapping Links - A number of the visitors to this site come from other sites that have linked to this one, another nice feature of linking to others is that it helps your Techorati Ranking. So remember if you are looking to boost your Technorati Ranking, and don't mind helping me out at the same time, please place a link on your site and let me know via a comment on this blog. I will then place a reciprocal link on this site. Thanks to all the great sites that have linked to me in the past, which has also helped me expand the content of this site by linking to them.

Technorati Tags - I cant really say that I get a lot of traffic from Technorati, however it is important to tag your blog appropriately as this makes it a lot easier for people to find it! Hopefully as the site matures more traffic will be fed from the Technorati Portal.

Article Writing - Writing is what this blog is all about really, I look forward to submitting some of the articles to places like ezinearticles in the future. At this stage I have not submitted any from this particular blog, however have received hits from my other blog via articles so realize that it can be a nice solution in the hunt for long term traffic generation ideas.

Commenting - I have found that commenting on other blogs is a good way to get a return visit and often a return comment as well! Most bloggers are interested in the people that comment and read their blogs, so this method of traffic generation is a great one!

Be sure to check back regularly for updates on our Project, it is turning out to be a very interesting journey!

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Martin said...

I have come to a lot of the same conclusions myself, but its nice to see it summarised like that.


Anonymous said...

*watching* amused (and maybe just a bit cynical).

The 'intending' money into your life thing is interesting. I read some research on the influence of human consciousness on random events - it appears some kind of psychic effort can result in a less random result i.e. more heads or tails in a coin toss than you would expect & statistically significant in some cases, too. The trouble is, the result could go either way - it wasn't possible to predict whether a person concentrating on heads would get more heads, as they were just as likely to influence the coint toss events in the opposite way to how they intended. By implication, you may just intend a million dollars out of your life :)

I'm also inclined to suggest that you're not going to make a million dollars out of a website about making a million dollars from a website. Maybe the real question is what do you envision doing with a million dollars? Consider starting there, and working backwards...

-the brother-

Rob StGeorge said...

Martin - Thanks for the comment, I am glad you found the article to be of interest..

Anonymous - Thanks for your comments, it is certainly an interesting project to simply intend one million dollars into ones life. I guess this experiment should help to answer the very questions that you have. I already know how to not make one million dollars, so this experiment is an attempt to do the opposite.

CyberCelt said...

The blog exchanges are about community. Commenting, pimping our renters, holding contests, its a unique tribe of internet users.

Try PayPerPost. I have made over $200 so far with my 3 blogs and I do not accept all opportunities.

There are several people who have earned over $2000 in the past 6 months posting.

If you do join would you use
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rob stgeorge said...

Hi Cybercelt

Sure I will check it out and use you as the referrer. Thanks for the idea, keep them coming!

Elizabeth said...

You talked about ezinearticles as a place to publish your articles, but did you know you could get paid [albeit a small payment ($3-$10)] by submitting your articles to associated content? They also have a referral payment set up where you refer people for $3 per referral, but I'll let you check the site out first. I believe the url is

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Elizabeth, I checked out the site and its a great idea. Unfortunately for me it appears they only pay legal US residents from what I could tell.

Maybe I need to move to achieve my goal!