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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Free Blog reviews going at the Our Blog Review website

Our Blog Review is a new site run by the Hockey Crazy Greg Stratz. If you are looking at promoting your blog it can be a good idea to submit it to a site like this where it will get reviewed for free (at worst you are going to get a link to your site).

Greg has been kind enough to answer the following questions for us about his new site.

In a nutshell Greg - whats the idea behind the Blog Review site and how did you come up with it?

The Site Our Blog Review is a site where you can submit your blog or site that you want to try to create some buzz for. You submit your blog, by doing that you will get at least one link-back to your site from ours, helping out your Technorati ratings. We would like it if you mention us in your blog and or give us a return link but if you choose not to we will still gladly review your blog or site. I was just searching for blogs one day and was not happy with the "other directories" "review sites" out there so I kinda took some general idea's from some and incorporated my own. of course I think if I was able to build good websites Our blog Review would look a lot different then it does now.

How many Blogs have you reviewed to date?

Right now we have about 20 full reviews up on the site. Also all the reviews in our directory have a mini review of them as well. Right now I am working on to make it easier to find the full reviews of all the blogs we have. It might mean the elimination of the mini reviews.

What kind of traffic are you getting on the site?

Sunday's have been our most popular day so far which we get between 100-200 visitors. Friday, Saturday and Monday's Are a little behind Sunday and have been averaging 50-100 with the rest of the week days averaging 30+ visitors. But remember this site has only been up for less than a month and the average visits have increased every week so who knows what the average will be next week.

Tell us a bit about the other reviewers, how did they end up being part of your team?

The review team we have is quite unique. We have Rachel, Sid, and John helping me review the blogs we receive. Basically they found Our Blog Review and and saw that I am looking for people to help review blogs. In return right now I can offer free publicity for there own sites and link-backs to them as well.

Future plans/ideas about the site?

Right now I am working on making it easier to find the full reviews of the blogs and most likely create a list of them in there category instead of having mini reviews. Thus making it easier for people to find a blog. I would also kinda like it to morph in to a hybrid review/personal blog type site with lots of visitor participation. Possibly create a Our Blog Review store.

Some things about you Greg, where do you live whats all the fuss about hockey and what team do you play for?

I live in Vancouver Canada right now. I have duel citizenship with Australia ( by decent) As for hockey I love playing it, right now I have been getting back into it playing beer league hockey out of 8 rinks in Burnaby. Will be playing spring hockey this spring/summer for the first time so that should also be fun. I played is as a youngster till juvenile ( which is equivalent to junior B teams in the east coast ) I was too small (size wise) for the old NHL but since they changed the rules last 2 years I could have had a shot at the big time since I am extremely fast.

Greg has a personal blog which gets updated sometimes. he is 26 years old and hates working like the rest of us. If you are looking for some free publicity for your blog why not stop by and submit your site.

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Tom said...

Good luck to Greg. I've had to leave my reviewing because it's just to damn time consuming. Also some people take a lend and don't fulfill their end of the bargain by providing a link to their review.

stratz said...

Yeha it is time consuming but I have been able to handle it so far. We don;t require you to put a link back to us or to your review. It would be nice but we wills till post your blog if you don't. But having the 3 othe rppl do the review for me and helped promote it has helped me a lot.

rob stgeorge said...

Tom: Thats a pity that people would do that, very disappointing it must be when you go to all that effort.

Stratz: You need to slow down with the typing buddy!

stratz said...

Yeah I geuss I should slow down when I type. I can't help it I type as fast as i think. I am trying to learn to type correctly fast but not doing so well. I think that it has been good so far almost everyone has given us a link back or written a post about us. The site is still young slowely going in the direction I want it to go.

LiVEWYRE said...

Greg forgets to take his mitts off before he types - ha ha (sorry Greg you're probably getting tired of that joke now, but it's new here down under)
I really REALLY like the interview style post - I've not seen that done before, but I'm sure I'm gonna see it again...
top site - great posting

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks livewyre and I am glad that the mystery of Gregs shocking typing has been solved!

mittens lol