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Monday, April 23, 2007

Make Money Fast by writing "How To" Articles

In the last month or so I have written a few How To articles including...

These are great for picking up search engine traffic. There are a number of Bloggers out there who are looking at improving their blogs and they will type their question into Google. If you have written an article about it chances are that your blog will show up.

Also this is a good way of working away on improving your sites, and by documenting it you can create great content at the same time.

Content = Traffic

Traffic = Money

One way to find great search engine ideas for a "How To" article is to use the Digital Point Keyword suggestion Tool and Type in "How To"

Now are you as surprised as me that 830 people a day are searching for the phrase "How to tie a tie" , I am embarrassed to admit to you how close to writing that very article I was! However even I had to admit that it would be a struggle to even distantly relate that to this website.

There are also 164 people a day asking "How to Kiss" and believe it or not 22 people a day asking "how to lose a guy in ten days" is that some kind of aspiration?

Of course with the Digital Point Keyword suggestion tool, you can also choose which country you want to search on.

When I tried the same search on Netherlands it became apparent that they have some kind of Pet Problem... why else would 21 people every day be typing in "How to clean pet urine".

When you are a Kiwi like me, we love to make fun of Australians. (also we like beating them in sport) so last but not least I wondered what Australians were looking for in the "How To" section.

Surprisingly Australians don't even seem to be asking this question except for one or 2 a day. However one question did pop up more than once a day and this was "How to last longer in Bed" !!

If you don't believe me go and check it out yourself. Keyword Suggestion Tool

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Swapw said...

Hay Rob,

I think your blog is very well written and I would like to exchange a link with you since our blog is covering in similar grounds. My blog is covering the topic of making money utilizing video and text blog. Feel free to let me know. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm off to check out your blog now..

bhjayalaxmi said...

hello rob,
Nice info.want link exchange with my blog .If you have linked to my blog then let me know i will link back to you.


Unknown said...

Yes - it is funny some of the things that people type! I guess maybe starting a "how to" blog wouldn't be a bad idea (money wise). You would get a lot of "different" traffic, which would pull the money in.


Anonymous said...

yes... thats got me thinking actually, maybe if I can ever find another hour or 2 in every day a "HowTo" blog will be born.