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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Google Pagerank Competition - Winners are Grinners

Last month I entered a competition to predict the Page Rank of Kumiko's website. As you have probably heard by now Kumiko ended up getting a pagerank of 5 which happened to be exactly what I predicted. I was fortunate enough to be chosen by her to be the winner of the grand prize which was $30 US dollars as well as the chance to write a post on her site about whatever I choose.

How did you know it would be a 5
I was fairly certain that it would be a 5 because of the amount of sites that were linking to Kumiko and the popularity of her site. This site got a rank of 4 after only a couple of months and with the extra links that Kumiko has got I suspected she would be going one better.

What are you going to do with the Money
To be honest I don't really feel that comfortable accepting the money from Kumiko, she has already paid me via paypal and its very much appreciated. It just doesn't sit right to keep the money especially when she is the top referrer of traffic to my site! What I have decided to do is to donate the entire amount of 30 US dollars to charity and I will post proof of that on this site once I have done so. So don't worry Kumiko its going to a good cause and will not end up in my beer fridge! On that subject if anyone knows of a worthy International Charity that accepts paypal please let me know via a comment. Only reputable Charities please its not going to the donation box of another blogger!

What are you going to write about on her site
I have never really guest blogged on another site before so want this to be something special. Kumiko has kindly given me as much time as I like so I am going to take my time and try and write something really worthwhile.

What a fantastic start to May - Its going to be a great month I can tell!

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George said...

That is nice of you to donate the money. There are quite a few good international organizations worthy of a donation. The first one that came to my mind was:

- George

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks George I will check it out. I wonder if they take paypal.

Tay said...

Congratulations on the win, Rob! That is awesome of you to donate the money. And I'll be looking forward to seeing your guest post on Kumiko's blog! :)

~Tay at Super Blogging

Tom said...

Great result Rob - I think the smart money was always on PR5. Kumiko's definitely onto a winning formula with her qwirky style and personable posts.

rob stgeorge said...

Tay: it feels great to be able to donate the money - I am looking forward to posting on Kumiko's Blog

Tom: Hey Tom, haven't seen you round for a while - thought you had disappeared! Your right she has a great personality that reflects upon her site.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rob for winning Kumiko's competition.

I am also excited to get a PR4 :)

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