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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Increase Search Engine Traffic by 38 Percent in One Month

During the Month of April it is no secret that I have been trying like a bat out of hell to increase the traffic to this site. A number of SEO tweaks have been done over the last month and I thought you may be interested to see in real numbers what kind of effect this has had. For a comparison I am going to show you February's Google Search referrals, then March's and then Aprils. (Bearing in mind that not much was done in the way of tweaking during March.). Something else I have noticed is that visitors that arrive via the search engines tend to convert better than your regular visitors. This means that by getting more search engine traffic to your site it should convert into higher CTR's and more money.

February we are looking at 205 Visitors over 28 days - 7.32 per day

March we had 230 Visitors over 31 days - 7.41 per day + 1.22 %

April we had 307 Visitors over 30 days - 10.23 per day + 38.05 %

In May we should get another decent rise because it is only really the last two weeks of April that things started improving. It does take time for the search engines to pick up on changes that you have incorporated and for them to re-index your site.

For more info on how we increased our search traffic by 38 percent in one month you can view the rest of our Traffic Boost Articles.

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