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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Make Money Fast Keyword Update

A summary and recap of our Make Money Fast Keyword Experiment
A few weeks ago I started to concentrate and optimize the keywords of my Blog towards something that would I believed at the time bring in a decent amount of Search Engine traffic. I decided to use the words "Make Money Fast" and I thought I would share with you how it is going and also recap on exactly what I did so that you can do the same if you wish to give your search engine traffic a boost.

Please use different words of course - it would be no great thing if we were all fighting over the same search space - don't worry there is plenty of other great phrases for everyone!

The initial Article related to this was Make Money Fast - An experiment in Choosing Words and was written on Friday the 13th of April of all days. Now it is almost a month later so its time to recap and see whats been happening.

The results to date
Every day when I check the search engine results I am now seeing a large number of referrals from various combinations of the Make Money Fast phrase for example today here are a few of can click on them to see the Google search results.

how to make money really fast vancouver
make money in nz
how to make money with a dollar

how to earn 100 dollars fast

Well as you can see its working well and although I am nowhere on the horizon for the actual three words exactly (yet!) I am ranking well and pulling in good traffic from all kinds of similar phrases.

That's the results now if you have a Blog and are interested in doing something similar here's what you need to do..

1. Choose the phrase , best to make it 3 or 4 words
You want to choose something popular but not to popular. My favourite tool for keyword checking at the moment is this one.. its very easy to use. Anyway you want to find a phrase that is regularly searched for but not to sought after. For example every man and his blog is trying to rank for "make money online" so there's probably not to much point in trying that your self.

To find out what your chances are going to be like do a search on Google for your chosen words and see what the quantity and quality of your competitors are like. This is the part that will make or break you so choose very carefully and don't be to picky. Its better to get 20 or 30 searches picking up your site and ranking on the first page than to be on page 27 of something really popular.

2. Change your Blog title to have these words at the beginning of your title
This is one of the most important places to have your keywords (along with content) so make sure these words come first.

3. Start mentioning your words often
Write posts that include the words, for example I have written articles like Make Money Fast method of the week - stuff like that is great and try and mention the words a few times in the articles that you are writing. Don't spam it though or the search engines could punish you which would not do your rankings any good at all!

4. Try and get people to link to you with the chosen words as Anchor Text
- and if you have multiple sites do this yourself.

Its 4 fairly simple steps and if you are looking at boosting the search engine traffic on your site I strongly recommend that you get into it. After 3 or 4 weeks you will start noticing results and if you do it well it can be a real boost to your traffic and your online earnings. Its ongoing as well and as you add more and more content related to your key phrase things should steadily improve.

Good Luck!

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Matthew said...

I think that the hardest part about this is getting linked with your desired anchor words. It's more likely that you will get linked with words regarding the subject or content of a post.

Still, being a new blog, I'll try anything to get some traffic. My goal is to make some side money blogging but I've chosen different content so that I don't have to compete with all 3 million 'make money online' blogs. That's probably another component to making money online.

Good luck. I can't wait to see a more detailed results post.


stratz said...

very interesting post today. Makes me think a bit. And yes I know I should change my title or at lese make it look better then it is..

rob stgeorge said...

matt: thats a great idea choosing different content if you can find a lucrative niche you will be away - sometimes when doing link exchanges I have asked "please use these words as the anchor text" and it normally comes through ok, especially as I am willing to recipricate.

greg: get on and do it mate - you won't regret it.