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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Summary of our Make Money Fast Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Month 7 ends for what has been a heck of ride so far as we continue to surpass our Exponential Growth targets. We are still a long way from our end goal of One Million NZ Dollars however things are moving along at an ever increasing rate. The biggest earner for us this month have been a large number of featured posts from PayU2Blog. These guys have been firing opportunities at us as fast as we can type and of course it would have been impolite to turn down this much money - especially when I am trying to find out exactly how much money can be made from a Blog.

The Blog Traffic Challenge
As far as the Blog Traffic Challenge goes this month particularly in the last couple of weeks we have made some excellent headway. This blog had levelled out somewhat as far as traffic goes and Georges invitation to all to join his Blog Traffic Challenge was the catalyst for me getting off my butt and making it happen. Thanks George.

As part of achieving this challenge I have been trying to learn as much about Search Engine Optimization as possible, there are some great sites and podcasts out there, however my favourite to date is Mr-SEO . Joe is fantastic to listen to and lays out simple facts about how best to optimize your site. There are also some great resources on the Mr-SEO site like directory listings to submit your site to, free tools and lots of other relevant information. I can honestly say that by listening to and learning some of this there have been direct results in a significant amount of additional search engine traffic not only on this Blog but my other sites as well.

Here are three articles that I wrote this month that can help you tune your Blog/Site as well as some great tools to Track and Optimize your content.

Blogspot Title Tags how to Remove Blog Name from the Beginning
In this post we look at how to remove the Blog Name from wasting valuable real estate at the beginning of your title tags.

Tracking Keywords - Bloggers Toolkit Series
We use a fantastic tool that allows us to track how our chosen keywords are ranking and we can continue to collect historical data overtime with this tool. A must read if you are into improving your rankings for keywords.

Make Money Fast - An experiment in Choosing Words
When writing articles we look at using a tool to assist in choosing the most SEO friendly article title by looking at exactly how many searches are being done for certain words or phrases.

Top Referrers
Each Month My top 5 referrers of traffic get a Link back that is probably a bit over the top - however I haven't had any complaints yet and I hope that it helps their traffic as well as their Technorati Ranking. Its all about giving back to those that have helped me and all the sites that I link to are well worth a read.

This is how they stand this month - thanks to them all

1. Kumiko's Cash Quest
2. Mike's Money Making Mission
3. Hot Blog Girls
4. DoshDosh
5. How to earn money online?

The Results to date
The beauty of exponential growth is that it sets realistic targets. If you had said to me after month 1 when I earned $36-85 that I would be earning $266-00 in another six months it would have seemed a little unlikely. However by having the target just creep up by 20 percent a month it certainly makes it achievable. Now just because I more than doubled my target this month does not mean that we need to get greedy and start becoming unrealistic. I will continue to keep to the original plan.

You need to be absolutely unwilling to fail if you want to pull something like this off - and try not to think more than one month ahead. Aim to reach your target early as that way the pressure is off and you can work on creating content and putting your time into site optimizations that will help to form the basis of passive income in what will be challenging months ahead.

Budget for this Month $US 110.03
Active Income $207.50
Passive Income $58.84
Total month to date $US 266.34

Total Earnings to Date $US 846-28 or $NZ 1244.53

May looks to be another great month, we are surging ahead in traffic and income and see no reason why things should slow down at all. Stick with us through the next few weeks as we will be looking at Exponential Growth in depth and will provide a detailed tutorial of how you can set up your own experiment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I came across your blog through Technorati and really enjoy your posts. I've bookmarked you and will be coming back for more!

Thanks for the info and advice.

Mike Perry said...

Well done. Things are looking good for you - long may it continue. You have written some excellent posts recently.

PayPerPost: I feel the same, there aren't many offers available.

Good luck for May.

Anonymous said...

Shaun thanks for calling by, glad you enjoyed the articles.

Mike - thanks its a great ride at the moment. Good luck to you to!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
Well done... exellent post. This may speed up your wealth creation process

It's an interview between 2 world class guru, you might be able to get some ideas from them, it's free anyway. Hope you'll like what i'm sharing, I certainly apprciate what you have shared..!!